Ryan O’Meara

About K9 Magazine’s Ryan O’Meara

Ryan O’Meara is the editor and publisher of K9 Magazine.

Ryan began his career as a professional dog trainer before going on to set up K9 Media, publisher of K9 Magazine.

Ryan is passionate about animal welfare and raising awareness about dog issues such as animal abandonment, responsible ownership and the simplification of dog training techniques.

As well as K9 Magazine, Ryan O’Meara is the author of several books about dogs:

Ryan O’Meara Bio:

Ryan O’Meara is the founder of Total Pet Publishing, a former professional dog trainer, current publisher of K9 Magazine, author and commentator on social issues relating to dogs and business. He is a World Animal Day ambassador and one of the co-founder’s of the leading UK dog adoption website DogsBlog.com.

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